The team of Erfurt is German Champion in „mobile robotics“ in Goslar

Martin Reichert and Steven Urban will represent Germany at the EuroSkills in Octobre 2012 in Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium.




20-year old Martin Reichert and his 21-year old team mate Steven Urban received not only the gold medals but also the tickets for the vocational European Championships EuroSkills which will take place in Spa-Francorchamps!

During three days, 10 teams from age “u 22” competed against each other at the vocational school of Goslar-Baßgeige/Seesen searching for solutions for the task they received. The final teams consisted of:

  • vocational schools from Erfurt
  • vocational schools from Pfaffenhofen and Goslar
  • vocational schools from Osnabrück and Eisenhüttenstadt
  • a college and a high school from Leipzig.

The participants are future engineers for mechatronics, electronics and automation. Especially impressive was the 4th place of the contestants of the college from Leipzig.

Erfurter Team wird Deutscher Champion in der Mobilen Robotik in Goslar_2.JPG

On three days of competition the teams had to solve tasks in the field of logistics and production processes. To do so, the teams used their Robotino® which had to move on a course with the aid of a camera eye and sensors.

To Dr. Ulrich Karras, WorldSkills Germany chief expert, this “attractive vocational championship requires special electronic knowledge and mechanical skills – such as a perfectly working team work, solution-oriented and time-efficient! The team from Erfurt fulfils these skills and we are sure it will represent us well at the EuroSkills 2012!


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