The situation regarding the Coronavirus has our full attention.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and employees very high.

Dear customers,

Your health and safety have the highest priority as we face the challenges of the Coronavirus. In order to contribute to reducing the spread of the Coronavirus, we follow the measures for protection against COVID-19.

Even if the current situation requires us to keep distance, we do not want to leave you alone with your questions. Therefore we would like to accompany you especially at this time and give you an up to date status:

  • For several weeks now, we have been endeavoring to keep the internal risk of infection to a minimum and to ensure the functionality of the company and the supply of our customers.
  • As far as the operational processes allow, our colleagues work in the home office. Our accessibility for you has top priority.
  • For our common safety, customer visits are mainly conducted virtually via Skype.
  • Contingency plans with our production and key suppliers are in force to counteract possible disruptions in the supply chain with immediate measures and to ensure the supply of our products.
  • Since already individual customers can no longer accept our deliveries, we might contact you again before a delivery to be able to guarantee this. This may lead to individual delays.

At the moment we cannot say with what strength the pandemic will hit us.

But if the situation changes and official decisions lead to supply problems and significant restrictions, we will inform you about this proactively.

In the current situation, however, your health, that of your employees and that of our Festo colleagues has the highest priority.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Your Festo Didactic Team


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