The new Festo equipment sets

The new training packages for the fundamentals of pneumatics and electro-pneumatics 

  • TP 101: Pneumatics, Basic level
  • TP 102: Pneumatics, Advanced level
  • TP 201: Electro-pneumatics, Basic level
  • TP 202: Electro-pneumatics, Advanced level
  • TP 210: Measurement in pneumatics

The new Festo equipment sets: New components and a new didactic concept for effective learning

Basic and vocational training redefined!

Optimum path to learning
The path to learning from the first project to the last is now even more systematic. From simple direct actuation (TP 101) to sequence controls with signal overlap (TP 202), all of the fundamentals are covered. Nonetheless, the new content remains understandable and clear for students, which means that the new training packages are also suitable for self-tuition.

Project-oriented teachware
Projects develop out of exercises. Complexity increases from project to project and information just learned is consolidated in follow-on projects.

Practice-related problems
Taken from actual industrial applications. The projects are selected to represent actual industrial scenarios. Drawings, pictures and videos are additionally used to visualize the actual application.

With an enhanced section on fundamentals
Anyone wishing to work in the field of pneumatics needs to know about more than components and circuits, which is why physical fundamentals, applied mathematics, safety, economy, analytical troubleshooting and professional documentation are also now covered in the enhanced workbooks.

Includes a multimedia-CD-ROM
Containing photos and videos of industrial applications and circuit diagrams. Theoretical information is conveyed using animated cutaway models for greater clarity. Worksheets and exercise sheets can be reprinted as necessary.

Structured approach and professional documentation
All of the necessary steps from planning through to execution with functional control are supported by worksheets.

New components incorporating Festo quality
The range and design of the components in the training packages are specially adapted to the projects in the workbook so that the main training aims can be achieved with little outlay. With original industrial quality components from Festo.

New organization and packaging
The new training packages are supplied in the practical Systainer system. The Systainer provides a clear storage system for the training package and of course, also fits into the Learnline workstation drawer units for clean and easy storage. 

New topics:  TP 210: Measurement in pneumatics
Activities such as monitoring and analysis of system behavior will be more important in the future. Fluid engineering is a particularly good way of learning these skills, since all phases of the lesson (instruction, planning, execution, inspection and evaluation) can be immediately implemented. This is done in TP 210 using a PC, software and appropriate peripherals. The main training aims are the analysis and the effect on the process. Empirical evidence shows that this method produces a high level of motivation among students and contributes to long-term learning success.