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Competency based qualification for Petrol- and Petrochemical Industry

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This project report will assist educational institutions to set-up an external shortterm training program in Factory and Process Automation with focus on Petrol- and Petrochemical Industrycreating a higher reputation in the industry and additional income. This know-how transfer is called training for productivity and will help the industry to close the knowledge and especially the skills gaps of graduates and employees.

The next logical step should be the definition of a specific curricula for Process Control Engineering to be able to offer specific trained staff to the Petrol- and Petrochemical industry. The definition of the curricula is not part of this project solution. In some countries there is a study program in Process Control Engineering with curricula already available.

This project will consist of three phases:
1. Analysis
2. Industrial demands
3. Demand-driven solution

The main focus of this project was to define a short term training program for staff or employees already working in the different areas and sectors of Petrol- and Petrochemical industries. There will be and could be a feedback to the occupational training in the different levels – vocational, technician and engineer by inserting specific know-how and skills in already existing curricula, or by defining a new study
program with new curricula.

The project started in January 2007 and has been finished end of August 2007. The main objective was to evaluate the technological standards and needs within the Petro- and Petrochemical industry and based on this evaluation, to define the technological know-how and the necessary equipment and training structure and contents which should be trained for that specific areas of industrial processing.

This project is not related to a certain country. However, it helps to create easily country-specific projects taking into consideration the respective requirements. The market survey has been done in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Indonesia and Nigeria.