Make more of your potential

Service solutions tailored to your equipment and needs.

Service solutions to suit your needs

  • Delivery free of charge
  • Commissioning
  • Training
  • Demos and reading samples
  • Seminars
  • Service contracts
  • Extended warranty

A qualified team provides services that will enable you to maximize the capacity of your learning systems. Knowing that your equipment is effectively maintained will allow you to focus on what is most important: teaching.

Free delivery within Germany on orders of 30 euros or more. Whether you have ordered a book or a training factory that arrives in a 40-tonne truck, we will always deliver your purchase free of charge for orders of 30 euros or more!

Installation, commissioning and training
will be carried out by qualified technicians in order to guarantee safe, efficient setup and make sure your team can use your new products straight away.

Free software, demos and reading samples – For example, EasyVeep is a new graphic 2D process simulation software containing a number of attractive examples for PLC training that is available for download free of charge. You can sample many of our software products and all our books free of charge on the Internet using test and demo versions.

Instructor certification trainings help you to get the best possible use out of your new learning system. Our qualified instructors introduce the equipment and provide the training material, as well as explaining how to perform the exercises and integrating them quickly into your existing training programs. These training sessions can be conducted on your premises, at a Festo core location, or via video conference.

Professional seminars provided by Festo Didactic Training and Consulting
Seminars in German are held at over 30 different event sites throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to the ­basic seminars, ­we also offer task-specific training sessions ­that introduce specific content and are tailored to the ­participants' work environment.

Customized service contracts give you peace of mind as our team takes care of your equipment. Available services include on-site hardware maintenance and calibration, warranty extension and repairs, continuous instructor training, and much more.

Personal advice
We will be glad to provide a consultation regarding concept and planning on site.

For more information, please contact your Festo contact person or write to: 


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