Innovations for 2016

Because knowledge makes you more productive.

With more than 50 years of experience, Festo Didactic offers skills development, training, qualification, and consulting services in around 80 countries across the globe.

We are the world’s leading supplier to technical educational institutions, as well as a provider of consulting and training services for industry. We have equipped more than
36,000 educational institutions with our hardware.

In order to maximize learning success in educational institutions and industrial companies we develop tirelessly new learning systems to systematically prepare learners around the world to work in dynamic and complex industrial environments.

Therefore you find information on the following topics in our new brochure:

  • Industry 4.0
    The factory of the future
  • Tec2Screen®
    The interactive, learning-media key to a modern environment with Connected Learning
  • EDS® Environmental Discovery System
    The new wind and solar energy learning systems
  • Green Factory
    The energy-efficient learning factory
  • EduTrainer®
    The latest PLC, HMI, and networking products
  • FluidSIM® 5.2
    The well-known simulation software – now with electronics and electrical engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
    The perfect complement to training in electrical engineering


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