Free of charge FluidSIM MecLab now also for homeschooling

Festo Didactic supports schools with homeschooling.

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Especially technical education in secondary schools currently suffers from the effects of COVID-19, because students do not have access to laboratories any more. Therefore Festo Didactic offers FluidSIM® MecLab as a free homeschooling version for a limited time.

FluidSIM can be used to address important fluid engineering topics:

  • Components
  • basic circuits in pneumatics

The homeschooling version also includes the basics of electrical engineering:

  • control engineering
  • circuit logic

Teachers can easily download FluidSIM MecLab and a license key free of charge,  and afterwards distribute it to their students. Only an internet access is required for activation.

Period of validity
The software is valid for a maximum of one year (subject to technical restrictions) and is not limited to users of MecLab or Pneumatics Starter.

Learning success

Students can work independently with FluidSIM MecLab, since circuits can be created and simulated. This also enables independent troubleshooting and guarantees learning success!

Check it out now!
More information and access to the download here: 



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