FluidSIM® for online teaching

Take advantage of our current offer for FluidSIM® Home Use Licenses to make teaching uncomplicated and efficient in the current situation.


Location-independent learning – a huge advantage of digital learning solutions unfolds its full potential in times like these, because in many places schools and training companies remain closed.
To ensure that your students and trainees can continue their learning paths and make productive use of their time away from school, we offer discounted access to various online learning solutions. Stay well! 


FluidSIM® is the leading planning and simulation program for pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical engineering.

Our current offer for Home Use License allows you as a teacher / trainer to provide online programming tasks to your students. They can work on these tasks at home with the same comprehensive functions as they would otherwise do at school or in the company.

In addition, as a teacher you manage the licenses and create multimedia lessons with the help of texts, pictures and films.

1.    Free of charge licenses (known as students licenses) for the use of FluidSIM 5 at homes 

2.    Home Use licenses for customers who already have at least 10 installed network licenses of the same technology

20 licenses / 1 technology (P, H or E) available until April 30th, 2020.
The special offer includes 20 Home Use licenses, which are without time limit

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