Festo training in Fiji


Even though the Fiji Islands are quite remote – Festo is never very far from any customer. So even the remote islands of Fiji do not present a problem when it comes supplying five MPS Stations and technical training.

The customer was the Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji, TPAF.

A few weeks ago the installation and the comprehensive 2 weeks of training at the MPS® Stations was completed. In addition, a marketing workshop was conducted in order to provide TPAF with the skills and knowledge necessary for marketing external training to local industrial customers – since this was the main idea of the investment.

As a result of the training, the scope of equipment will be extended step by step to include the Process Automation and Packaging factory solution (AFB) which is perfectly related to the major products of Fiji.

And for those of you who might be jealous: Suva is a highly industrialized city, far from the white sandy beaches lined with palm trees ...