Festo at WorldSkills Kazan 2019

The world championship of skills will take place between August 22–27! As a promoter of excellence in technical education, we are part of this event in many ways!



What is WorldSkills?
WorldSkills is a group of people and organizations that together advance the shared social objective of improving our world with the power of skills. Every two years, WorldSkills hosts the world championship of skills and organizes competitions in 56 skills, which attract almost 1,400 competitors from over 60 countries.

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How is Festo Didactic involved?
Since 1991, we are proud to be a Global Industry Partner of WorldSkills International. We fully support the organization in their mission to raise the profile and recognition of skilled people and to show how important skills are in achieving economic growth and personal achievement. Promoting excellence in technical education is deeply ingrained in our mission. Therefore, once again this year, Festo as a promoter of the dual system for vocational training is part of the event as an equipment sponsor, supporter, exhibitor, and speaker.

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In a presentation zone for emerging jobs and skills – so called FutureSkills – Festo and Siemens jointly provide visitors with the opportunity to get an insight in professional skills and work functions of the future required in a complex, and rapidly changing world.

In the Future Skills zone for Industry 4.0, 3 – 5 national teams from Germany, Austria, Russia, and potentially from the Netherlands and China will be evaluated on their ability to solve Industry 4.0 related tasks.

Based on CP Lab – our professional and compact Industry 4.0 learning system, Netlab – our modular learning concept for networks and IT security in the context of Industry 4.0, and the Energy Management Box, participants will be faced with exciting challenges.

Do you want to see what is goining on in the Future Skills area? Visit us in Cluster F!

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Next to the competition area of the Mechatronics and Water Technology skills will be “try a skill” areas which provide visitors with the exciting chance to try out different skills in an interactive way and gain hands-on experiences.

Are you interested in Mechatronics? Visit us in Cluster C!

Are you interested in Water Technology? Visit us in Cluster A!

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At our Festo VIP Booth, we will introduce you to some of our most innovative education concepts and learning solutions.

  • CP Factory – the complete learning platform authentically replicates the stations of a real production system and ensures practical application of advanced Industry 4.0 skills
  • CIROS VR – A simulation software, which allows you to virtually explore virtual learning environments using VR glasses
  • Bionic4Education – The interactive education concept for the engineers of tomorrow includes our Bionics Kit, a training kit for building 3 different animal robots
  • Bionic Workplace – Human-robot collaboration with artificial intelligence

 Visit us in Cluster A!

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The WorldSkills Conference on August 23-24 will be the anchoring point for young professionals, representatives of 80 WorldSkills member countries including politicians, researchers, industrial partners, heads of educational organizations, and representatives of development institutions. Under the theme ‘Skills for Change: Building Blocks for Impact’, this year’s conference will ask pressing questions about main economic and technology trends, the development of vocational training systems, the transformation of the labour market, and innovative solutions for sustainable change.

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On August 23 at 12:00 am, member of the management board Enrico Rühle will contribute to the discussion on green skills and the green economy by addressing the future of skills in the face of complex environmental challenges and by giving valuable insights in how to efficiently come up with innovative and sustainable solutions for green automation.

Learn more about the full program of the WorldSkills Conference
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At the WorldSkills conference, several “industry workshops” about different topics related to skills development will be held.

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On August 23 at 4 pm, Dr. Nader-Iman Imani, Head of Global Education Projects at Festo Didactic will be keynote speaker of one of those workshops related to ensuring sustainable growth titled “greening your workforce”.

This hands-on session will explore the green skills necessary for creating self-sustaining work ecosystems. Workshop participants deal with questions like how can sustainability be integrated into your industry's skills standards? What type of technologies and innovations will allow different industries to face the ecological transition and tackle climate change? And how can you actively and effectively respond to consumers' evolving mindsets and expectations? 

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Join us at WorldSkills in Kazan and become part of the skills movement!




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