Award winning: Fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics

Equipment set TP 1011, fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics, has been distinguished with the iF product design award ...

... and Baden-Württemberg’s Focus open 2011 international design prize.


IF product design award

A total of 6 Festo products won this year’s iF product design award, including equipment set TP 1011, fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics.


The award confirms that these products fulfil the most demanding requirements for design quality, functionality and ergonomics. The well balanced interplay of these aspects assures convincing solutions with great benefits for the user, and outstanding recognition value.

The jury presented 993 prizes at the 2011 iF product design award ceremony. 1,121 companies from 43 countries competed for the renowned design award with more than 2,700 products.

Focus Open 2011

The Stuttgart Design Centre confers this international design prize from Baden-Württemberg. Companies and professional designers from all over the world are eligible to compete with products that have been on the market for no more than two years.

A festive award ceremony awaits the winners of Focus in Gold and Focus in Silver in October, as well as an exhibition held for several weeks in Ludwigsburg and publication in a yearbook with international circulation, as well as on the Internet.




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