06/12/13 | Festo joins the “SmartFactory” technology initiative

There are signs of fundamental changes in the world of production technology.




05/13/13 | Festo Poland awarded with „Lodz Swan“

Festo Poland received the “Lodz Swan” award for its long-time co-operation with the Polish education sector.




05/13/13 | Advance your Supply Chain Management career with APICS certifications

APICS “Certified Supply Chain Professional” (CSCP).



05/02/13 | The Logistics League sponsored by Festo at the RoboCup German Open 2013

From April 26 to 28, 2013 in Magdeburg once again everything revolved around "robotics".




04/19/13 | New Handling Systems Training

As robotics has become more and more important in production, Festo Didactic developed a brand-new Handling Systems Training set, consisting of three modules.




04/15/13 | BionicOpter – Inspired by dragonfly flight

Festo presented its new amazing BionicOpter at the Hannover Fair 2013. For all who want to teach bionics in schools, BionicsLab is now available.




04/05/13 | Explore Technologies, Discover Your Skills!

From 2–7 July 2013, young apprentices from all over the world met in Leipzig to demonstrate the skills they have learned during their training.




04/05/13 | Capacity building for the water sector

Discover the completely new learning system EDS® Water Management and training and educational consulting services for a better water supply.




03/22/13 | The new EDS® Water Management System at the GESS in Dubai

At the GESS Show in Dubai, Festo Didactic presented a training system which simulates the processes behind the whole water and wastewater cycle.




03/22/13 | A partnership for the future in Romania

Festo Romania, Silcotub Tenaris Romania and the Cityhall of the town of Zalau worked close together for the future of the Romanian education.



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