01/05/14 | National and international competitions with Robotino®

Autonomous robots in competition.




01/01/14 | Which Lerning system do you use?

MPS®?  TP?  CP Factory/Lab?  Compact Trainer I4.0?  Robotino?




12/23/13 | Festo Lithuania at the “School 2013”

The third exhibition “School 2013” was attended by about 80 companies. The Festo booth was visited by Lithuania’s President and the Minister of Education and Science.




12/03/13 | 5th Students competitions “Mechatronics in Engineering” in Kiev

In October 2013 the fifth anniversary students competitions "Mechatronics in Engineering" were organised in a close collaboration between Festo and Kiev Polytechnic Institute. As in the years before, the competitions were held at a very high level.




11/28/13 | Festo Didactic as Global Sponsor of UNESCO Learning Cities

Festo Didactic had the honour to actively support the Beijing Declaration on UNESCO Learning Cities.




11/27/13 | Official Opening of the Festo Training Centre in Singapore

On November 7, 2013, Festo Singapore officially opened the new Training Centre at the German Centre, Singapore.




11/27/13 | Festo and Festo Didactic back Vietnamese-German University

Festo and Festo Didactic are providing targeted funding to the VGU in Ho Chi Minh City.




10/10/13 | Technical Training for mining

Successful cooperation between AEL Mining Services and Festo Didactic




10/04/13 | National Skills Competition Indonesia 2013

More than 1,600 vocational school students from all over Indonesia gathered in Jakarta for this year’s National Skills Competition, from September 25 to 27.




09/13/13 | Inauguration “Mechatronics Centre” at the Bannari Amman Institute

On August two laboratories have been inaugurated at the Mechatronics Centre in Coimbatore, India. More laboratories are to be installed answering the demands in technical education and training of the region.



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