03/14/07 | Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) – Making full use of production plants

Adding value by increasing machine efficiency, reduction of errors and rejects and unexpected machine downtime.



03/14/07 | The new Training and Consulting services from Festo

Training Courses and Industrial Consulting. People and organizational development towards world-class manufacturing.



03/13/07 | Fast setting-up processes using the SMED method

Aimed at all employees who are involved with production control tasks and setting-up processes in an operation.



03/13/07 | References

Read, what our customers say about Training and Consulting.




03/12/07 | 'Lean production' business game – Logistics and material flow design

The participants are confronted with an initial situation involving customer and business requirements.



02/27/07 | Service Ambassador Program

We created the Service Ambassador Program to provide your Service Engineers with the skills to build relationships, enhance loyalty, discover opportunities and differentiate your business from the competition.




02/08/07 | Robotics with music?

With the "DJ Robots" project from Festo Didactic, students and trainees have shown that training in robotics doesn’t always have to be a chore – it can also be a lot of fun. Their mission has been successful. The two DJ Robots can rock with the beat on their axes to hip hop and rock, proving in impressive style that robots can be musical.




12/13/06 | New Mechatronics Centre in India

A new Mechatronics Centre has been established at VTU – the Visveshvaraya Technological University – which has most of the engineering colleges in the state of Karnataka, India under its umbrella.




08/30/06 | New FACT Centre in Cambodia

Inauguration of a new FACT  Centre  in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the first one in the AGRO Industries field.




07/27/06 | Hybrid learning factories

Professional, industry-focused qualification solutions for process automation and for all hybrid production tasks


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