03/12/09 | EduKit PA

Unpack and away you go




03/12/09 | EduTrainer Universal

The new universal, flexible holder system in DIN A4 enables you to equip different holder formats with a variety of PLCs and simulation modules.




02/12/09 | 'Human' Robotino welcomes VIP's

A special, 'human' version of Robotino ran autonomous in the corridor between two fair stands and talked to the visitors. The standard Robotino was additionaly equipped with  a SICK S300 LASER scanner to avoid collisions, a USB sound adapter, a cardboard figure wearing a Festo sweatshirt and a new C++ program running on Robotino’s onboard PC.




12/14/08 | Mechatronics Assistant version 2

The multimedia tool for training at school and at work.




11/26/08 | Increasing productivity with Festo Training and Consulting

There are many methods and tools on the way to excellent production.
Which are the right ones?
Read, what our customers say.




10/21/08 | Classroom licence

  • EPLAN Fluid
  • EPLAN Electric P8




10/05/08 | New FACT Centre in Oman and Lebanon

Festo Authorized and Certified Training Centre – A partnership for excellence




09/21/08 | LabCreator

The new, professional design programme for laboratories. Download now for free!





07/20/08 | With Value Added

Free demo and  trial versions of all our products, downloads of full versions.
Data sheets, manuals, references all around the world and the No. 1 free online dictionary for automation technology.

In the Service area you find everything helpful for your daily business.




07/10/08 | GRAFCET drawing template

Drawing assistance for the simple creation of a GRAFCET plan to to DIN EN 60848.



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