05/12/09 | Vocational training for people with disability

On February 13, 2009, an agreement between Annedore-Leber-Berufsbildungswerk Berlin (ALBBW) and Festo Didactic was signed.




05/12/09 | Mechatronics training in Coimbatore, India

After being chosen as the pilot project partner by the government for the national implementation of the Dual System of vocational training in India,




03/26/09 | Engineers in the making

Festo hosts local education authority's launch of Diploma in Engineering.




03/18/09 | Software from Festo Didactic

Excellent solutions for ...

  • learning and teaching
  • programming
  • experimentation
  • simulation
  • visualisation
  • management
  • play
  • operation and observation

... and more in digital format.




03/13/09 | EduTrainer® Universal

The new universal, flexible holder system in DIN A4 enables you to equip different holder formats with a variety of PLCs and simulation modules.




03/13/09 | EduKit PA

Unpack and away you go




02/13/09 | 'Human' Robotino welcomes VIP's

A special, 'human' version of Robotino ran autonomous in the corridor between two fair stands and talked to the visitors. The standard Robotino was additionaly equipped with  a SICK S300 LASER scanner to avoid collisions, a USB sound adapter, a cardboard figure wearing a Festo sweatshirt and a new C++ program running on Robotino’s onboard PC.




12/15/08 | Mechatronics Assistant version 2

The multimedia tool for training at school and at work.




12/01/08 | Learning with robots

  • How do I move a robot along a line?
  • Which robot team will score the most goals?
  • Which robot will navigate a series of obstacles?

Electrical drive technology, sensors, control technology, image processing and programming techniques. Understanding technology – Using an entirely different approach.




11/27/08 | Increasing productivity with Festo Training and Consulting

There are many methods and tools on the way to excellent production.
Which are the right ones?
Read, what our customers say.



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