06/18/10 | Festo Didactic “Road Show” in Saudi Arabia

Between February 22 and April 18, Festo Didactic organized a “Road Show” in the Saudi Arabian market together with the Saudi partner Rajab & Silsilah in order to present the products to the deans, professors and teachers of universities, TVTC schools and industrial colleges.




06/07/10 | Robotino connects with ROS communities

Openrobotino community, which provides open-source software for use with the Robotino, now provides official ROS drivers in the robotino_drivers stack.





05/28/10 | Festo Didactic once again certified as Siemens Solution Partner!




04/30/10 | Milestone in major project in Brazil

On 1st February, the FATEC Centre in Sorcaba was opened by the governor of Sao Paulo José Serra.




04/30/10 | Synchro Game in Turkey

Training and Consulting recently ran a Sychro Game for Beko in Istanbul, now owned by Arcelik (white goods producer).




04/20/10 | Opening of a new competition

@ RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg




12/29/09 | And the winner is Robotino!

Convincing performance at the Robocup in Graz




12/28/09 | Festo Logistics League

This competition will introduce a new league in RoboCup 2010 which takes place in Madgeburg/Germany from April 15-18. The idea ist to realize a logistics competition for a virtual production plant. Use a ready to start robot platform Robotino®. Register now until March 19, 2010!




12/21/09 | New Process Automation WBT

The latest WBT from Festo Didactic – ‘Basic Principles of Process Automation’




12/16/09 | ProLog factory

  • Kanban
  • Just in sequence
  • Order scheduling ...

The exciting new training platform for logistics, communication technology, mechatronics and industrial engineering.



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