12/08/10 | Euroskills 2010 Lisboa

Festo official competition partner for the trades Mechatronics and Mobile Robotics




12/08/10 | SAP certifies Classroom Manager – the learning management system

Certification was awarded after an exhaustive test process in which the SAP interface of Classroom Manager was studied in depth in various contexts.




12/02/10 | “Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2010” for Bionic Handling Assistant


Team from Festo and Fraunhofer IPA receive “Innovation Oscar” from German President in Berlin.





09/13/10 | ECHA Congress 2010 in Paris

Fom the 7th  to 9th of July 2010 the research group on Intelligence, Creativity and Individual Differences had organize the 12th International ECHA Congress in Paris. ECHA is the European Council of High Ability .




09/13/10 | Indian delegation visits Festo

Education key topic of planned town twinning with Coimbatore.




09/09/10 | MPS® PA

Bulk Goods System en route




08/30/10 | MPS® HandlingE station

The new handling station is equipped with a flexible two-axis handling device. The horizontal linear axis is driven by a DC motor. Every module that you need is assembled on the module itself – it is complete.




08/30/10 | New configurations for EduTrainer® Universal

In addition to those already available, further EduTrainer® Universal – preferred configurations with S7-1200 and CPX-CEC are now available.




08/30/10 | Festo Singapore

Offers Workforce Skills Qualifications in Precision Engineering




06/18/10 | Festo Didactic “Road Show” in Saudi Arabia

Between February 22 and April 18, Festo Didactic organized a “Road Show” in the Saudi Arabian market together with the Saudi partner Rajab & Silsilah in order to present the products to the deans, professors and teachers of universities, TVTC schools and industrial colleges.



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