10/04/11 | EPLAN Education – New Version 2.1

The new version helps understand and support the product development process even better. Our exclusive offer for you!




08/18/11 | WorldSkills 2011 in London

Festo, founding global partner of WorldSkills, proudly sponsors the world’s largest, international skills competition where young people from across the globe compete to become the best of the best in their chosen skill.




06/27/11 | Technology 2011 in Tel-Aviv

Prof. Dr. Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Education and Research visited Festo Didiactic on the 21th International Fair for Technological Innovations and Achievements in Tel-Aviv, on 14-16 June, 2011.




06/17/11 | Award winning: Fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics

Equipment set TP 1011, fundamentals of electrical engineering/electronics, has been distinguished with the iF product design award ...




05/12/11 | STCEX 2011 – Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

On the occasion of the 6th STCEX 2011, Festo Didactic had the opportunity to be one of 13 German suppliers, under the umbrella of Didacta International, presenting their capability in education.




05/09/11 | Robotino® at Robocup 2011 in Istanbul, Turkey

Festo at RoboCup 2011 from July 04 to 11 in Istanbul, Turkey.




04/04/11 | Electrical engineering training packages

Modern and exciting training!





03/28/11 | Robotino® XT – A mobile learning system

One day, the future could look like this or similar. The sample for new technologies is opening new perspectives for a safe human-machine cooperation. 




03/17/11 | French National Skills Competition in Paris

From 2nd to 5th February, the French National Skills 2011 took place in Paris. There was of course a competition in Mechatronics with MPS Stations from Festo Didactic.




03/17/11 | Robotino control by voice recognition

Cooperation with the National University of Colombia:
In a win-win project, students at an elite university in Columbia have created voice recognition for Robotino.



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