02/20/12 | Is it a game or is it training?

The Synchro Game session in Jakarta, Indonesia.




02/13/12 | National skills competitions 2011 in Shizuoka

Shizuoka, Japan was the site of the 2007 WorldSkills competition. In the recent Japanese Nationals, 29 mechatronics teams competed in that same city - and got right on track for a bright professional future...




02/09/12 | Didacta education trade 2012

The Meeting Point Technical Education in Hall 15 was again the central contact point for technical training and educatioin!




02/03/12 | UNIDO General Assembly 2011 and LDCs Conference

Better Skills for better Industrial Development




01/25/12 | EduGerMa 2011 Kuala Lumpur - First Conference on Education

For the very first time, the EduGerMa 2011 took place in Kuala Lumpu, Malaysia in November 2011.




01/19/12 | Festo client Unilever wins at the Appetite for Engineering awards

At last year's Appetite for Engineering Food Processing Awards, Unilever were winners of the prestigious Skills Development Award.




01/09/12 | WorldDidac India Exhibition 2011, Delhi

Among roughly one hundred exhibitors from India and overseas, Germany participated once again with its own Pavilion on this exhibition.




01/07/12 | Vocational Class Teachers in Taiwan study Robotino® in public & private institutions

In late summer 2011, Festo offered Robotino® Camp for vocational class teachers on national senior secondary schools in Taiwan.




12/19/11 | New Innovations by Festo Didactic

Festo Singapore in collaboration with ITE College East (Simei), one of the major institutes in Singapore, had organised a “New Innovation by Festo Didactic” day on December 6, 2011.




11/16/11 | Robotino® at the NI WorldClass 2012

National Instruments Germany decides in favour of Robotino® as main robot at the NI WorldClass 2012



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