11/24/20 | Online Colloquium: Taxonomy of Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training (DTVET)

Festo Didactic and ADEA are pleased to invite you to our Virtual Colloquium Digital Technical and Vocational Education and Training - DTVET. 




11/19/20 | A learning environment for green education

The concept of green education is getting traction all over the world. It aims at instilling green thinking in students’ minds and engaging them in a pro-environmental behavior in their personal and professional lives.




10/01/20 | WorldSkills in your classroom!

Bring the latest WorldSkills MPS equipment into your classroom!  Get access to innovations now and benefit from the special conditions.




09/13/20 | Join our free didactic webinars!

Discover the program of our new series of didactic webinars this fall 2020.



07/07/20 | It is REAL!




06/23/20 | End of Support for Classroom Manager Standard

The Classroom Manager Standard has been used by our customers worldwide for over 15 years.




06/16/20 | Free of charge FluidSIM® MecLab now also for homeschooling

Festo Didactic supports schools with homeschooling.




04/27/20 | Register to our free webinars: LVSIM-EMS, LVPROSIM, EMS

Join our series of free webinars to learn to make the most of two of our simulation software programs LVSIM-EMS and LVProSim, and the Electromechanical training system (EMS).





04/07/20 | Free Access to Water Technology Program (eLearning modules)

Learn new things about water, this vital and highly precious natural resource.




03/25/20 | The situation regarding the Coronavirus has our full attention.

We prioritize the safety of our customers and employees very high.



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