Facilitate the study of mechanical drives, a central notion of industrial mechanics



Build and sharpen skills in mechanical power transmission systems

Even with increased digitalization, basic manual skills and technologies are still very important to ensure the continuity of operations of plants, as most industrial equipment and machinery integrate mechanical power transmission systems that need to be properly installed, commissioned, maintained, and repaired.

The role of industrial mechanics is essential to optimize operation of industrial machines. To be successful industrial mechanics, students must be exposed to and get extensive, practical experience with a wide range of components, tools, and techniques related to mechanical drive systems, that they will encounter in the workplace.


The learning activities provide training in several maintenance tasks:

  •     Install and commission
  •     Maintain: clean, lubricate, align
  •     Inspect: measure, test, diagnose
  •     Repair and replace

Perform all exercises within an ergonomic workstation

Hands-on activities of the learning path can be performed using the Mechanical Drives Learning System, a compact solution that allows students to assemble and troubleshoot a wide range of mechanical power transmission systems that are found in typical industrial applications.

The solution builds skills and knowledge in universal basics of industrial mechanics in a safe environment. Working with scaled-down typical mechanical drives assemblies facilitates learning by allowing students to focus on what they need to learn.

Watch a video introduction:

Modularity entails flexibility to fit various training requirements

The modular design of the solution allows you to create a system tailored to your training needs. The topics are grouped into packages called “levels” – you simply pick the equipment and courseware you need.

A WorldSkills official equipment 

The system was used to put the industrial mechanics skills to the test during the Industrial Millwright competition at WorldSkills Kazan 2019!

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