Air pressure reservoir, 0.4 l

Air pressure reservoir, 0.4 l

The air reservoir generates static pressures by means of a one-way flow control valve. It produces long time delays in connection with time-delay and throttle valves, compensates for fluctuations in pressure, serves as an accumulator in case the pressure suddenly drops, and generates a controlled system with first-order delay.

  • Design of soldered containers
  • Volume 400 ml
  • Pressure range 0–600 kPa (0–16 bar)

The air reservoir with latching system ca be mounted on a profile plate. The accumulator is equipped with pneumatic push-in fittings at both ends.


  • Generating static pressures using a one-way flow control valve
  • Generating long time delays in connection with time-delay and flow control valves
  • Compensation of pressure fluctuations
  • Use as an accumulator if the pressure suddenly drops
  • Generating a controlled system with a first-order delay (PT1)

Technical data:

  • Operating medium: filtered, lubricated or unlubricated compressed air
  • Volume: 400 ml
  • Operating pressure: 0–16 bar
  • Connection: QSL-1/8-4 at both ends, for plastic tubing PUN 4 x 0.75
  • Quick-action mounting system Quick-Fix



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