Supplementary equipment set from Hydraulics, Basic level TP 501 America to Electrohydraulics, Basic level TP 601 America

Supplementary equipment set from Hydraulics, Basic level TP 501 America to Electrohydraulics, Basic level TP 601 America

The Lab-Volt Hydraulics Electrical Control successor

The Lab-Volt Fluid Power System has been re-engineered and transferred to Festo Didactic’s Training Packages series.

TP 601 America is an extension to TP 501 America and a comprehensive introduction to electrohydraulics.

Equipment set TP 501 America is a prerequisite to use TP 601 America.

The electrical symbols in the courseware and on the modules are drawn according to NEMA standards. The design and simulation software FluidSIM® provides all required NEMA symbols in easy-to-access component libraries. In addition, all circuits in the courseware procedures are available in FluidSIM® for reference.

Next step: our additions – your choice

A variety of possibilities can be added according to your educational needs.

Supplementary equipment sets:

TP 610 – Measurement and control

TP 810 – Diagnostic System for Measurement, Visualization, and Analysis

Mobile Hydraulics Training Packages addressing the needs of future professionals dealing with vehicles e. g. from the construction, mining, and agriculture industries:

TP 801 – Mobile Hydraulics/Working Hydraulics I

TP 802 – Hydrostatic steering system

TP 803 – Working Hydraulics II (Load-Sensing)

Hydraulics energy supply

A variety of hydraulic power packs are available.

For basic hydraulic education workstations, a small hydraulic power pack with a single, constant-displacement pump is recommended. For double-sided workstation arrangements, two power packs are required to power each workplace individually.

For double-sided workstations covering basic and advanced hydraulics, a hydraulic power pack with two constant-displacement pumps and a higher flow rate is recommended. The power pack can be fitted with a wheel set to make it mobile beside the workstation.

The hydraulic power pack combining a load sensing controller and a variable and constant displacement pump is required only for TP 803 – Working Hydraulics II (Load-Sensing) but can be used also for the basics by using the constant pump.

Training aims – TP 601 America

Introduction to Electrohydraulics

  • Familiarization with the Equipment
  • Electrical Concepts
  • Basic Electricity
  • Ladder Diagrams and Logic
  • Operators
  • Basic Electrohydraulic Circuits

Sequence Systems

  • Limit switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Electrical Counters and Continuous Reciprocation
  • Multi-Pressure Systems
  • Time-Delay Relays

Hydraulic Motors and Industrial Applications

  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Optical proximity sensors
  • Flow Divider Valves
  • Deceleration of Cylinders
  • Industrial Drilling Systems
  • Garbage Compactor Circuit


  • Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Electrohydraulic Systems


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