Hydraulic power pack with a constant-displacement pump

Hydraulic power pack with a constant-displacement pump

Ideal for individual hydraulic workstations for all experiments using standard equipment sets TP 500, TP 600 and the MPS punching station.

Variant for AC 230 V/50 Hz

  • Rated output: 650 W
  • Delivery rate: 2.3 l/min

Variant for AC 120 V/60 Hz

  • Rated output: 450 W
  • Delivery rate: 2.7 l/min (0.7 gpm)

Technical data

  • Mounting on Learnline with universal bracket (order no. 539736)
  • Mounting on Learntop-S: direct
  • Pump design: external gear motor with pressure relief valve adjustable from  0 – 6 MPa (0 – 60 bar)
  • Operating pressure 6 MPa (60 bar)
  • Motor: AC, single-phase with overload protection, start capacitor and ON/OFF switch
  • Tank: 5 l volume, sight glass, temperature display, drain screw
  • Air filter and return filter
  • Low-leakage, self-sealing coupling nipples for P and T
  • Plug socket for unpressurised return
  • Connecting flange for measuring container return
  • Dimensions: 580 x 300 x 180 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 19 kg (empty)


For safety reasons the hydraulic power packs are not filled with oil when delivered. Please order the oil separately.


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