Automation technology/PLC training packages – From buttons to automation solutions

Automation technology/PLC training packages – From buttons to automation solutions







Control system, Process, Didactics

Forward-looking training is ultimately all about reliable and efficient automation of production processes.

  • Automation systems must correspond to those in future workplaces
  • Processes must be as close as possible to those used in actual production
  • The training content and methods must lead to expertise, which future specialist staff can use to secure their and their companies' future.



EduTrainer® Universal

  • The universal holder system with control systems, power supply unit and simulations
  • Alternative connections for 4 mm and SysLink
  • In two lengths, as a table-top rack or A4 plate for A4 mounting frames
  • Variable equipment including market leading control systems and 19" simulation plates

The online configurator provides support in selecting and combining the appropriate components.


EduTrainer® Compact

  • The sturdy PLC for fluid engineering laboratories
  • Suitable for the ER mounting frame
  • With 4 mm connection technology and/or SysLink

The EduTrainer® Compact is the ideal control system for fluid engineering laboratories and has proven itself worldwide.



SCE Trainer Packages
As a certified Siemens Solution Partner Automation and Siemens SCE Partner we recommend the "First Choice" Siemens automation technology.

The SCE Trainer Packages offer crucial advantages for classroom equipment.



Automation with CODESYS®
We recommend Codesys® as an IEC 61131-3 compatible programming system for the Festo CPX or CECC range of controllers.

  • Flexible and open for all kinds of control tasks
  • Very simple to commission and program
  • Ethernet communication for simple programming with module library

Note: With an OPC interface, Codesys® is suitable for controlling the processes in CIROS® and thus for purely PC-based training in programming.



Mini control system
Operation and monitoring
Electrical engineering laboratories are equipped with mounting frames and training devices in A4 format as standard. Training devices, e.g. with mini control system or touch panel supplement your electrical laboratory:

  • Siemens LOGO!
  • Eaton easyRelay
  • Siemens TP700 und KTP700 – the touch panel for training and professional applications



Equipment sets for your course
Having the correct and practically relevant automation equipment is important. However, it is the right concepts, processes and exercises that really give your equipment the critical added value. This is what our equipment sets and their course documents provide:

  • The TP 1311 clarifies the use of sensors in automation
  • The TP 301 makes the leap from electropneumatics into PLC technology
  • The TP 401 and 402 provide a practical introduction to the world of fieldbuses


Terminal, 4 mm and SysLink
Requirements for connection technology can differ greatly. The EduTrainer® for PLC training meets all of them:

  • 4 mm safety sockets are correct if the circuit diagram is to lead into the controller configuration
  • SubD or Centronics for complex circuits or if the correct wiring is no longer the key focus


From manual to machine

Clarity on the one hand, maximum industrial relevance and practical transfer on the other. The equipment and solutions for automation/PLC technology meet all requirements:

  • from simple to complex models
  • from manual control to relay
  • from digital mini control system to PLC

The balance is achieved because the learning system for automation technology is vertically and horizontally integrated.


The process is the key

An ongoing production process cannot be taken "out of operation" for training purposes. Therefore, the key is to offer the right "artificial" training processes that are economical, flexible and practical.

  • Virtual: CIROS®, FluidSIM® or EasyVeep offer hundreds of different processes for actuation via EasyPort or OPC.
  • Actual: The best process environment is provided by the modular production system MPS®.