Paperlectrics – the easy way to explore electronics

Paperlectrics – the easy way to explore electronics

Draw your circuit …






... and explore electronics!


Electricity and electronics are the foundation of our modern life. Lighting, communication, and transportation all make use of electricity and are controlled by electronics.

To survive in our modern world, a basic understanding of electricity and electronics is essential. But electricity is a complex and abstract matter, so many people have difficulty understanding it.

Paperlectrics is a concept to explore the fascinating world of electricity in an intuitive, hands-on-oriented approach at very low cost. The learner creates electrical circuits with the help of a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a simple light-emitting diode (LED). By drawing the circuit, the learner gains direct experience in what influences the characteristics of a circuit; he/she can include their creative ideas, and it is a lot of fun!

All the material you need is inexpensive, and can easily be purchased in an electronics store.

What is covered by Paperlectrics?

Experiment 1: Basic circuit on paper    
Experiment 2: Control circuit    
Experiment 3: Logic circuits    
Experiment 4: Ohm’s law and resistance    
Experiment 5: Color mixing with RGB LEDs    
Experiment 6: Measurements with a multimeter    
Experiment 7: Capacitor    
Experiment 8: Magnetic field of an energized coil    
Experiment 9: Sound generation    

How to start? Just download the workbook – it is free. Buy the necessary components and get started!