Tec2Screen® Course: Alternating Current Technology – Electric Power

Tec2Screen® Course: Alternating Current Technology – Electric Power


The Tec2Screen® courses teach training content on alternating current technology with the Festo Didactic learning system. Images from real-life situations, graphical representations of physical-technical processes, animated processes and a direct link to practice illustrate the topics in a straightforward way.

Training content

  • Measuring and calculating effective power
  • Capacitive and inductive reactive power
  • Apparent power
  • Phase shift ᵠ (phi) between active and reactive power
  • Power factor: Ratio between the active power and the apparent power
  • Reactive power using electric motor as an example

Required Connects:

1x Analog In Connect

The Classroom Manager Cloud learning management system is part of the complete learning concept. The following license levels are available for the courses & simulations:

  • 100 users at 10 workstations
  • 200 users at 20 workstations
  • 500 users at 50 workstations
  • 1000 users at 100 workstations

The accessories mentioned below are required to conduct the courses.

Type (license)


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