Tec2Screen® – fun and motivation in learning

Tec2Screen® – fun and motivation in learning


New incentives for successful learning
Tec2Screen® teaches complex technologies in an understandable and simple way.

  • Merge theory and practice seamlessly with Connects.
  • The integrated signal flow between software and hardware makes cause and effect transparent and easy to follow.
  • Hardware and software promptly provide an “answer” – does something flow, light up, move, etc.?
  • Construction, start-up, repair: Tec2Screen® interactively shows how it’s done – with text, pictures and video.
  • Doesn’t fit, doesn’t function, doesn’t work? The mobile learning tool is your on-demand helper.


The transition to (learning process) companion
Not only are students and trainees excited about Tec2Screen®, trainers also save considerable time, and not just on preparation.

  • Once configured, the system requires minimal setup times – meaning more valuable time for teaching!
  • As a “virtual toolbox”, Classroom Manager provides a complete overview of materials for students and trainers. And don't worry: your own materials can be easily integrated.
  • Some need a challenge, others need encouragement: assign an appropriate course to one student and coach another one-on-one, depending on skill level and aptitude.
  • Existing learning systems and the students’ own iPads® can be easily integrated.



  • Experience diverse training content: measuring, controlling, regulating, programming, simulating, etc.
  • Videos, animations, measuring exercises and test assignments inspire students to explore and discover – this makes learning exciting.
  • The integrated QR code scanner quickly provides in-depth information as needed.
  • The virtual measuring instruments, such as multimeter or oscilloscope, integrated into the courses support interactive troubleshooting and prepare the measurements ideally for analysis.
  • Learn everywhere, all the time – theoretical portions of courses can be completed offline on all popular devices.
  • Project-oriented and problem-solving courses are available for many technologies and new courses are always being added.


The integrated signal flow between the virtual world and the real world is easy to follow via the Connects. The Connects connect Tec2Screen® with real learning systems. This is a first in basic and further technical training, which is why our Connects are patented.


What do the simulations offer?
It is essential to represent complex topics simply and clearly.

  • The Tec2Screen® simulations show fascinating and realistic applications of PLC technology.
  • Controllers and applications can be tested and simulated quickly – independently of programming language and PLC.
  • The ability to change parameters allows students to recognize and understand impacts right away.
  • Learning from mistakes – errors are allowed with simulations, and they show impact without any damage to the actual hardware.
  • Simulations replace large and complex systems that take up space and cost money.


What does Classroom Manager do?
The Classroom Manager learning management system on a Windows PC manages all digital learning media, such as eLearning Courses, Tec2Screen® courses, simulations, multimedia training programs, or original documents and materials in a central library. Trainers also have the option of creating their own tests or questionnaires.

These learning media can be used by trainers to create their own teaching units and assign them to each student according to ability.

Classroom Manager also provides a clear and structured model of each student's learning progress. The continuous progress monitoring system means you always have an overview of each student's progress – allowing you to encourage and support them as needed.

The free Tec2Screen® Manager is a highly condensed version of the Classroom Manager that allows you to conveniently load courses and simulations to your Tec2Screen® device. It can be licensed for up to 20 users to work with Tec2Screen® at the same time.


iEasyLab – for digital circuits
The iEasyLab software integrated in the Tec2Screen® app allows you to design digital circuits virtually. Select symbols, such as logic components, indicators and measuring instruments, from a library, place them on the iPad and start the experiment. The program then presents the results immediately.


Connected Learning – in a separate and independent network

The Classroom Manager and Tec2Screen® system can be integrated into your existing local area network environment. But even without connecting to a local area network or the Internet, a separate network can be set up quickly and easily with the Tec2Screen® media systainer.

Access point_360.jpg

Courses and simulations are transferred via WLAN to the user’s Tec2Screen®. Individual learning progress is synchronized in real time and documented in Classroom Manager in the same fashion.


Off you go!
The Tec2Screen® app comes pre-installed on the Tec2Screens® and iPads® delivered by Festo Didactic – so that you can get started right away.

The app is also available for free in the Apple App Store®.