Interactive Learning Poster Bionics Kit

Interactive Learning Poster Bionics Kit

Interactive Learning Poster class set consisting of:

  • Poster (A1) for the classroom
  • Hint cards and playing fields for each robot (available languages: German and English)

Material is sufficient for group work with up to 20 learners.

The learning poster can be used together with the Bionics Kit (Bionic Fish, Bionic Chameleon, Bionic Elephant) in the classroom for self-guided learning.

Interactive Learning Poster Bionics Kit – Bionic Fish, Bionic Elephant, Bionic Chameleon


Self-guided learning process

The Interactive Learning Poster accompanies the use of the Bionics Kit in the classroom.
The learners access the digital learning content via QR Codes, which have been implemented in the form of text, but also as images, graphics, videos and 3D animations. This enables a step-by-step construction of the three robot animals of the Bionics Kit with the models Bionic Fish, Bionic Elephant, Bionic Chameleon. It is recommended that the assembly of the robot animals be carried out in the form of group work.


Digital skills

In addition, the learning poster playfully conveys online learning content to supplement technical and biological background knowledge. After a successful assembly, the learners see virtual robot animals as Augmented Reality. They can also use their own mobile devices. However, they must first download the free app from Festo Didactic.

STEM Edutainment
The interactive learning path is an optimal tool for combining analogue and digital learning and at the same time helps to use digital tools like mobile devices in the classroom in a meaningful and playful way. This makes the Interactive Learning Poster a perfect complement to the Bionics Kit in an integrative STEM educational program.

Interaktives_Lernposter_Bionics_Kit_3.jpg   Interaktives_Lernposter_Bionics_Kit_5.jpg

3D-Animation                                              Interaction with mobile devices

Interaktives_Lernposter_Bionics_Kit_7.jpg   Interaktives_Lernposter_Bionics_Kit_6.jpg 

Hint cards                                                    Playing fields


Augmented Reality 


Scribble Video


Working with the Interactive Learning Poster Bionics Kit promotes the following skills:

  • Combining analogue and digital learning
  • Learning with 3D animations
  • Strengthening social skills through group work
  • Encourage self-guided learning process
  • Digital skills – support in the competent handling of digital media and mobile devices

Other features:

  • Project work
  • Communicate useful knowledge in a playful way
  • Guidance through the individual construction steps
  • Linking STEM education with digital learning
  • Curriculum relevant action competence development
  • Detailed teaching materials
  • Easy handling in the classroom
  • Application of a holistic, integrated teaching and learning approach

To use the Interactive Learning Poster in a meaningful way, a Bionics Kit is required.

Bionics Kit


Our Bionics Kit with a focus on moving and grasping contains the material to build three different bionically inspired robot animals:

  • Bionic Fish
  • Bionic Elephant
  • Bionic Chameleon

Moving robots playfully

All animal robots are driven by servo motors and controlled by an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. The movements are controlled via a Wifi connection to a smartphone or via a mobile device or PC. No programming knowledge is necessary.

With the help of the corresponding teaching materials, the learners are guided through the work steps. The contents are intended to help the students with assembly and programming and provide the teachers with biological, methodological background material.

Link to the Bionics Kit