Bionics Kit for engaging learners in bio-inspired engineering

Bionics Kit for engaging learners in bio-inspired engineering

Our Bionics Kit contains the material to build three different bionic-inspired robots:

  • Bionic fish
  • Bionic elephant
  • Bionic chameleon

Three bionic robots … one Bionics Kit

The Bionics Kit contains all the necessary basic equipment and interface elements, including servo motors, Arduino-compatible microcontroller, mechanical components, and Fin Ray Effect® parts.

Because all objects can be disassembled and reassembled, it is possible to create all three models one after another with one Bionics Kit.

Create and control robots effortlessly

All bionic robots are actuated by servo motors and controlled by a microcontroller. Students create the objects and easily control them by using their smartphones, tablets, or computer.


STEM/MINT connection

Bionics serves as a link between biology and technology, and the Bionics Kit is a perfect addition to any integrative STEM/MINT education initiative.

A comprehensive collection of information, including bionics concepts, project instructions, and career exploration videos, is available on the Bionics4Education website to help guide learners through their bionic experience.

Educators can incorporate these resources into any learning environment and create a learning experience for their students that emphasizes creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

Working with the Bionics Kit, students:

  • Discover technical innovations inspired by nature
  • Create bionic-inspired models
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills
  • Understand and apply the Fin Ray Effect®
  • Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Engage in a “learning-by-doing” environment


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