LabCreator: the professional design programme for laboratories

LabCreator: the professional design programme for laboratories

Create professional layouts and individually equipped laboratories for basic and further training in just a few easy steps.

The laboratories can be equipped with Festo Didactic model products or you can create your own personal designs and 3D models.

With automatic software and library updates, you'll always be at the cutting edge.

In German, English, Spanish and French. Includes a detailed help function.

Download now for free!

The benefits to you

  • Create plans and layouts quickly and simply thanks to intuitive prompting. The integrated help function offers additional guidance.
  • LabCreator generates rooms to scale; the walls are full-size and can be fitted with windows and doors to help you avoid planning errors.
  • Switch between 2D layout and 3D view. Move the observation point around the room to get a realistic impression of the design progress.
  • Extensive model library with partially animated learning systems, equipment, infrastructure and model people. This means that, for example, robot stations can be animated, giving a more lifelike impression of the laboratory.
  • Adaptable to new equipment and fully customisable. Drag and drop to import VRML files into the design and create your own 3D models.
  • Worldwide platform for exchanging models. The integrated LabCreator server and online library provide you with immediate access to models designed by other LabCreator users.
  • Use textures to give your models a realistic look.
  • Use the flight recorder to create automatic tours which show your laboratory from a number of different viewpoints. Export the finished "flight" as a video to complement a presentation of your ideas.
  • Export the laboratory design as a VRML, PDF or one of many picture formats.
  • Generate a complete proposal for equipping your laboratory at the click of a mouse.
  • The finished laboratory is saved in XML-Format. These files are very small and can easily be sent by email to other users.
  • Detailed information on all the Festo products you need for your laboratory.

LabCreator users from all over the world are coming together to share their finished models.

To upload your own models to the LabCreator server, you need a user account. Send us an e-mail with a short description of your models and receive your free LabCreator user account. To do so, please use this form.


  • If you get a Windows security notice while trying to establish an online connection, first click on "View Certificate".
  • In the following window, click on "Install Certificate ..."
  • Click "Next" and (important!) under "Place all certificates in the following store", manually select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities", click "Next" and "Finish".
  • Acknowledge the security warning with “Yes", and continue by clicking "OK" on the confirmation message.
  • Close the certificate by clicking "OK".
  • Acknowledge the security notice by clicking "Yes".
  • At first startup LabCreator will be in German. To switch to another language, go to menu "Extras -> Sprachen" and choose your preferred language.

System requirements:

  • PC with Win 2000/XP/VISTA 
  • At least Pentium IV 2 GHz 
  • 512 MB RAM 
  • 100 MB free space on hard disk 
  • Graphics card with OpenGL support, at least 128 MB RAM (better 256 MB) and at least 1024 x 768 resolution (onboard chips with shared memory solutions are only suitable to a certain extent!) 
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Windows Mediaplayer 
  • Recommended: Internet access


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