Electric drives 1: eLearning course

Electric drives 1: eLearning course

The "Electric drives 1" interactive multimedia training program provides an engaging introduction to the world of electric motors.

The first section sets out the basic principles of electric drives. The second section illustrates the construction and functioning of DC motors, while the third section deals with the special features of AC motors.


From the contents:

  • Basic principles of electric drives
  • Familiarization with different motor types (stepper motor, asynchronous motor, universal motor)
  • Mechanical principles (conversion of mechanical/electrical energy, motor - generator, circuit diagram and current direction, transmission variables (force, mechanical power, efficiency etc.), definitions of torque and speed)
  • Electronic principles (basic principle of the motor, Lorentz force using the example of a conduction loop, electrical and magnetic fields, occurrence of torque, right-hand rule)
  • Familiarization with different DC motors
  • General (functional principles, commutation, technical data, brushless DC motor, load dependency, difference between series and parallel connection)
  • Parallel connection behaviour
  • AC motors
  • Difference in power supply (DC, AC, three-phase AC)
  • Familiarization with different AC motors
  • General functional principle (difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor), technical data, rating plate, characteristic curves and their interpretation, definition of reactive, apparent, and effective power)
  • Single-phase AC motor
  • Three-phase AC motor special cases (stepper motors)
  • Summary and review exercises

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