RoboCIM 5250 Software – Servo robot system

RoboCIM 5250 Software – Servo robot system

RoboCIM is a software program that simulates and controls the operation of the Robot and Servo Robot ­Systems from the LabVolt Series, as well as their optional external ­devices, such as Gravity Feeders, Belt Conveyors, or Linear Slides.

One of the key features of the ­RoboCIM Software is that it simulates the actual equipment with three-dimensional representations. Sophisticated mathematical models accurately simulate the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the equipment.

The RoboCIM Software allows users to interactively control and view the motion of the system. Programs can be created with the RoboCIM Software to control the equipment using either the text programming mode or the icon programming mode.

Key features

  • Intuitive interface
  • 3D virtual environment
  • Easy integration and configuration of external devices
  • Control the robot’s movements ­using articular coordinates (as well as Cartesian coordinates for the servo robot)
  • Work under Simulation or Control mode
  • Create and save several work­spaces and programs
  • Creation of simple or complex ­programs
  • Includes commands such as do, if, else, while, repeat, gosub, and ­many more.


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