EduKit PA – The introduction to process engineering and closed-loop control

EduKit PA – The introduction to process engineering and closed-loop control

Mobile and practical for beginners

The significance of closed-loop control is increasing constantly in all areas, since energy and resources can be saved using this technology. Moving towards efficient production, individual steps need to be planned, processes understood and verified. The EduKit PA modular projects provide a simple and safe introduction to process engineering and closed-loop control.



MSR specialist in 2 stages
The EduKit PA Basic provides a step-by-step introduction to manual measurement and open- and closed-loop control, using the example of a simple system with level, flow, and pressure control.

The EduKit PA Advanced adds the automation technology, with pressure, flow, and ultrasound sensors and an I/O connecting board for a controller of your choice. A 2/2 way solenoid valve controls the filling into the lower tank. An industrial process valve can also be used here.



The choice of controller is yours!
As everywhere, in the EduKit PA the SysLink interface guarantees problem-free connection to any type of controller:

  • The Sim-Box for initial familiarization with the process and for commissioning
  • FluidLab PA process, the measuring and exercise software designed for the EduKit
  • LabVIEW for designing measuring and control applications, with finished VIs
  • An EduTrainer Universal and any other PLC




Ready to use
Unpack, set up and use. Setting up the first EduKit PA subsystem is part of putting together the project.

The modular concept (Basic and Advanced) meets the requirement of setting exercises for differentiated training. The EduKit PA provides appropriate projects for technical training in schools and for professional training.


Hot topic: energy efficiency

In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and in the food industry, we find state of the art technologies that help to prevent energy and resources being wasted. The EduKit PA includes scenarios in which hot topics such as energy efficiency and environmental protection can be illustrated.

2 supplementary sets provide the necessary equipment for further practical experiments:

  • A DC Wattmeter for energy measurement
  • A modern pinch valve for flow optimization



Energy monitoring with DC Wattmeter
How can I save power? When should I save power? Which equipment eats up power? These questions are crucial to ensuring efficient management of energy – in the domestic sphere and in production.

Identifying potential savings first involves measuring current consumption. The DC Wattmeter is used as a smart meter for training systems.



High tech alternative: pinch valve
An increasing number of valves and drives are operated pneumatically in process engineering. In many cases, this is safer, more economical and more energy efficient.

The new, highly elastic, pneumatically operated pinch valve seals the production flow gas tight with 2 to 3 bar differential pressure supply. Thanks to its rebound resilience it returns to the open position with no drive after venting, guaranteeing an almost friction-free flow of material.



Learning environments with FluidLab PA process
With the EduKit PA, you benefit from industrial technology on the one hand and methodical software support on the other. FluidLab PA process guides the student step-by-step, exercise by exercise through the world of measuring and control engineering. What is shown on the screen is actually happening in the actual system or simulation. FluidLab PA process gives the students the feeling of being in the control station, thus contributing to a high level of motivation.



The learning concept
The learning concept of the EduKit PA supports experimental learning, as well as teaching supported by the courseware.

The experience of Festo engineers and the industrial experience of our trainers have been incorporated in many instances. It is therefore no surprise that EduKit PA is being used for advanced training of specialist staff in industry throughout the world.


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