MPS PA Compact Workstation – Measurement, open and closed loop control in minimal space

MPS PA Compact Workstation – Measurement, open and closed loop control in minimal space

Optimum use of space

Do you have limited space or do you want high complexity from an individual training station?

If so, the MPS PA Compact Workstation with 4 integrated control loops is the perfect solution.







Core competence: The RI flowchart
As the flowchart shows, the individual control loops can be activated simply by adjusting the ball valves. The flexible piping system allows quick changes to the flow pattern or integration of additional components.



Huge flexibility
Controllers and operating units are not permanently installed, but are simply clicked into place in the ER mounting frame. This enables the controller, operating unit or touch panel to be replaced in next to no time.



Option: refrigeration engineering
The standard version of the MPS PA Compact Workstation provides 4 control loops. In addition, a cooling unit with heat exchanger and a water/air cooler are available. This results in even more options for temperature control.



Networked technologies
An increasing number of valves with pneumatic drives are being used in water supply and disposal. This is safer and more energy efficient. Therefore, no modern learning system should be without a 2-way ball valve with pneumatic process drive and signal box. It represents the increasing integration of different technologies in process automation.



Professional performance recording
The Sentron PAC3200 multifunction measuring unit from Siemens records and saves measured values such as voltage, current and energy consumption, allowing analysis of the network quality. The unit can be incorporated into master control systems and energy management systems via Ethernet.



On the trail of waste
Identifying potential savings means first of all: measuring current consumption. The Wattmeter acts as a smart meter for training systems with a 24 V DC power supply and a maximum of 120 Watts. A switchable interface for 0 – 10 V DC or 4 – 20 mA is integrated for data transmission. Ethernet is available as an option.


Hot topic: energy efficiency
As everywhere in automation, software plays an outstanding role in the Compact Workstation, e.g. in measuring technology. The process data can be clearly visualized using the measuring software and then analyzed by either the whole class or as group work.


The exciting questions waiting to be answered:

  • What process steps lead to unwanted increased energy consumption?
  • How can consumption peaks be avoided?
  • What does it achieve, what does it cost?
  • Which investments or changes will achieve the greatest effects?

Training with the MPS PA Compact Workstation becomes a multi-faceted, exciting and cross-subject project.


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