EduKit PA: Unpack and away you go

EduKit PA: Unpack and away you go

EduKit PA Basic
Teaches the basic principles of project work and the fundamentals of closed-loop control – manual measurement, open and closed-loop control – without a PC and without sophisticated control technology.




The benefits to you

  • Handy, easy to transport and simple to set up
  • Step by step construction of a functional system: start with a small setup – a tank – and finish the project with a level control system.
  • Training documents available
  • Easy to use and expandable for use with other topic areas
  • Water acts as a non-hazardous teaching medium ideally suited  for closed-loop control
  • Consistent with existing Festo Didactic systems

Learning content for project work

Planning a project:

  • Allocating tasks in teams
  • Creating a project plan with different steps

Construction, assembly, connection:

  • Creating sketches for the pipe connection system
  • Producing an assembly diagram
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electrical connection of pump to 24 V supply
  • Checking activities
  • Creating test logs

Commissioning and measured data acquisition:

  • System start-up
  • Recording measured values with changed valve position, changed voltage on the pump or different fill heights
  • Observation of level, pressure, and flow, as well as time response

Presentation and documentation:

  • Creating assembly instructions
  • Documenting measured values
  • Graphical analysis
  • Presenting project process

As well as electrical pneumatic diagrams, you will also learn how to understand and describe a PI diagram.


Also order:


with project tasks and solutions for EduKit PA Basic and Advanced on:

  • Technological issues
  • Mathematics
  • Open-loop control
  • Closed-loop control
  • Work scheduling

Includes CD-ROM containing:

  • Parts lists and data sheets
  • RI flowcharts and circuit diagrams
  • Assembly instructions for mechanical construction
  • Checklists for commissioning
  • Acceptance logs
  • Worksheets for recording characteristic curves

eLearning course: Process automation



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