Multimedia learning aids for technical education and training

Multimedia learning aids for technical education and training

eLearning courses
Our eLearning courses are the perfect companion to traditional in-person learning, and offer an excellent introduction to fundamental technical topics.

The interactive multimedia structure enables students to work through the course topics on their own, thus offering scope for teachers, instructors and further training staff to be more flexible in how they structure their lessons and training sessions.

Additional practical examples and in-depth questions ensure a transfer of knowledge to the educational standards expected.

Our eLearning courses include spoken text to improve the learning process.

Connected Learning
Software and hardware, theory and practice, student and teacher – connected Learning promotes intuitive, interactive learning.

Our patented solution for Connected Learning: Tec2Screen®. Guaranteed fun, motivated learning!

Our all-in-one device

  • One device for everything: learning, measuring, open and closed-loop control, simulation, programming
  • Available everywhere: at digital learning at various locations – in the teaching lab, on the go, at home, etc.
  • Present dry theory in an exciting multimedia format
  • Get off to a flying start with the intuitive operating concept

Classroom Manager Vocational Training (VT)
The Classroom Manager Vocational Training (VT) learning management system manages all digital learning media such as Tec2Screen® courses, simulations, eLearning courses and self-made documents and materials in a central library. Trainers also have the option of preparing their own tests or questionnaires.

These learning media can be used by the trainer to create their own teaching units and assign them to the students individually according to their abilities.

The Classroom Manager VT also provides a clear and structured model of each student's learning progress. The system for continuously monitoring learning progress means you always have an overview of individual learning progress – allowing you to encourage and support the students very specifically.

Service package for Classroom Manager VT

  • Initial provision of Classroom Manager VT for the purchased license level
  • Training in a 30-minute expert webinar
  • Adaptation of learning management system to the corporate design of the customer (e.g. logo, colors)
  • Extensive online help for the administrators
  • Quarterly web sessions on innovations and functions of the learning management system