Simple handling or complex assembly processes

Simple handling or complex assembly processes

The range of MPS® stations and systems enables you to dictate the function of the MPS®!

The MPS® stations assume an extremely wide range of tasks as functioning individual stations in the automated model factory.

With complete solutions – equipped with everything you could possibly need for training – the MPS® 200 systems offer the ideal introduction to the world of automated production. This is guaranteed through successful and practice-oriented training right from the start.

Simple handling tasks or complex assembly processes – the pallet transport system offered by the MPS® 500-FMS systems facilitates a flexible production set-up that can model almost all the functions of a complex production system.

Different objects made of various materials are
ejected, separated, gripped, transported and sorted.

  • MPS®  stations: Distributing, Testing, Processing, Handling, Pick&Place, Buffering, Robot and Sorting
  • MPS® 200: MPS® 202-Mechatronics, MPS® 203-Fieldbus, MPS® 203-IT
  • MPS® 500-FMS: MPS® 501-FMS, MPS® 502-FMS, MPS® 505-FMS

Simple assembly
Assembly of measuring instruments (clock, hygrometer and thermometer) in a housing.

  • MPS® stations: Pick&Place and Fluidic Muscle Press
  • MPS® 200: MPS® 205-Mechatronics

Complex assembly process
Assembly of a complete pneumatic cylinder comprising body, piston, spring and end cap.

  • MPS® stations: Robot and Assembly, optionally end cap production using Punching station
  • MPS® 200: MPS® 202-Robotics, MPS® 210-Mechatronics
  • MPS® 500-FMS: MPS® 503-FMS, MPS® 504-FMS, MPS® 506-FMS, MPS® 507-FMS

Cylinder body, housing

Workpiece insert “Clock”, “Thermometer” and “Hygrometer” for assembly in a housing

Cylinder for assembly