Ideal interfaces

Ideal interfaces

A good modular system has clear interfaces: mechanical, electrical and software-related. This permits modifications for future developments. Flexibility of the learning system is an important factor in successful project work. High modularity ensures that the individual stations and modules remain as manageable training workstations that meet the needs of different learning levels.


Flawless workpiece transfer between the various modules and stations via a defined standard transfer point in the plane formed by the profile plate grid and at a height which is dictated by matching all transfer points to the height of the belt transport system.

With the profile plate as the mounting system, MPS® can also be connected to our Learning System training package.


We have defined the SysLink interface for connection of digital inputs and outputs. This connects components in the Learning System on the I/O side.

SysLink connects:

  • MPS® station with EduTrainer® Universal to form a complete station
  • MPS® station with EduTrainer® for control from the ER or A4 frame
  • MPS® station with simulation box, to test the station
  • EduTrainer® via EasyPort with CIROS® Mechatronics
  • EduTrainer® via EasyPort with FluidSIM®, for example as part of the "Magazine module" project

Interface to the virtual world


We offer two process simulation programs for PLC training: FluidSIM® and CIROS® Mechatronics. They are described in detail in the software chapter.