MES4 is a specially prepared manufacturing execution system (MES) with a new design for Industry 4.0 learning platforms. In MES4, orders can be started or finished at every station.

The database is open and can be written to and read from via SQL commands by external programs (e.g. order entry from ERP system). Work instructions for manual workstations can be created or adapted at any time. The individual controllers communicate with the MES4 via TCP/IP.

Scope of delivery

  • MES software
  • Dongle
  • PC with TFT monitor

Training content

  • Define and edit order workflows and process plans
  • Read orders and update status
  • Sort the order lines
  • Write allocation of the goods carriers to the order
  • Create a material master, including graphic representation of the workpiece
  • Create machines, including costs and power consumption
  • Create warehouse data and material buffer
  • Create and manage customer data
  • Define system layouts with icons
  • Automatic routing per routing card and machine capabilities
  • OEE, PLC and malfunction report generation, including graphic representation

*    D15006 is only available if D15005 is present
**    D15007 is only offered in combination with D15005 or D15002




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