CP Factory – The concept in detail

CP Factory – The concept in detail

Cells on wheels
All CP Factory cells are equipped with rollers. This enables them to be freely positioned in the laboratory without tools or lifting trucks.

RFID process control
The product takes on process control in the CP Factory. To achieve this, the workpieces and controllers are equipped with RFID technology.

Optimum connections
The cells are supplied by a special system cable. There is no need for rewiring, fitting new tubing or additional installations when changing the layout. This saves valuable training time, and the laboratory remains free of additional supply ducts and trip hazards.

Modular control concept
The controllers in the CP Factory cells have a modular design. All control components are housed in the control cabinet:

  • Controllers with PROFINET networking
  • PROFIsafe components
  • Drive components such as frequency converters, contactor controllers and servo motor controllers

The production line can be operated with or without a master control system.

Patented material flow
The passive workpiece holder routing is a patented development by our engineers. The unique option of using the Transfer Factory cells individually or in a network with no additional work is based on this development:

  • Workpiece holders can circulate within a cell.
  • Commissioning the subsystems is no problem.
  • Subprocesses can be isolated without modifying the software.