MPS® – The modular production system: From module to learning factory

MPS® – The modular production system: From module to learning factory

Practical at every level

The modular production system MPS® sets the right challenges and provides appropriate learning environments for various requirements:

  • Differentiated functions
  • Individual and combined units
  • Different drive technologies
  • Material and information flow
  • Modern and variable control concepts

Modular variety
The MPS® transfer system fits in a cabinet but can also be combined to create networked production lines.

The MPS® stations are supplied with trolleys, provide space for the control system, are fully assembled and can be a basis for complex learning factories.



MPS® transfer system
The ideal system for anyone focused on process and automation:

  • One line, various drives, numerous modules and functions with state of the art technology
  • Transportable, designed for cabinets, individually and combined in different layouts
  • Defined interfaces enable individual modules to be viewed and quickly changed to rapidly adapt to the required learning content.



MPS® stations
The system for anyone who values industrial basic and advanced training, mechatronics and automation, value retention and robustness of the equipment:

  • Since 1991, the system for the mechatronics world championships
  • Stations represent the most common sub-processes in any automated production system
  • Platform for problem based practical training
  • Maximum industrial relevance in automation and handling technology



Real and virtual
The MPS® is not only the platform for training with maximum transfer to industrial practice, it also provides unique flexibility for choosing the appropriate methods:

  • All MPS® stations and systems are identical to the models in the CIROS® process simulation
  • PLC training and troubleshooting can be provided using the real model and the 3D models in CIROS®



MPS® 500-FMS
Once you have mastered the sub-processes in the MPS® stations, you can use the MPS® 500 FMS to focus on thinking and operating in networked systems.

  • The belt rotation system and bus concept allow variable system concepts
  • Sub-processes on the one hand and the overall system on the other provide project tasks and challenges for working in a team
  • All FMS systems are guaranteed ready-to-use when delivered



MPS® 200 complete system
Combining stations into systems for selected areas and complexity levels:

  • Topic-specific complete solutions including control system, networking, application and learning software
  • For process-oriented, cross-technology courses at schools and technical schools
  • Ready to use immediately and expandable
  • Versions for small and large budgets



Since 1991, the modular production system MPS® has been the competition platform for the mechatronics world championships.