MPS® 210-Mechatronics – The largest with an all-inclusive media package

MPS® 210-Mechatronics – The largest with an all-inclusive media package


From mechanics, pneumatics, PLC technology, handling technology, electrical engineering, electronics to robotics and hydraulics, each station facilitates interesting exercises on automation and mechatronics. The MPS® 210 system is particularly suited to the areas of handling, PLC and robotics due to its close industrial orientation.

Use the full flexibility of MPS®

The combination of multiple MPS® stations offers training content for many levels of experience and many different fields. The project kits of the MPS® 210 system allow a wide range of different systems to be implemented. Conveyor belts, integrated between the MPS® stations, facilitate a multitude of solutions for material flow.

Implement project ideas successfully

The MPS® 210 system contains all the components needed to implement a wide range of projects. That gives your students unlimited creativity.

WBT support

The web-based training programs contained in the MPS® 210 system will help trainers prepare their students for project work. The WBTs deal with topics such as project planning, information acquisition or getting started with the MPS® 210 system.


The complete assembly line produces a pneumatic cylinder made up of body, piston, springs and cap.

Special training content

  • The system enables 15 – 30 students to be trained in mechatronics.
  • The Distributing and Conveyor project kits (5 of each are included) provide an introduction to the project work.
  • Simple control via FluidSIM® and EasyPort or using a programmable logic controller.
  • The system layout can be changed using the project kits. More than 30 different combinations can be created using the system.
  • Production planning, reduction of set-up times, FMEA and TPM – the system offers solutions for the hot topics of production optimization.

The MPS® 210-Mechatronics system contains everything you need for training:


  • Distributing
  • Testing
  • Processing
  • Handling
  • Buffering
  • Robots with MPS® modules
  • Punching
  • Sorting

Project kits:
5x sorting
5x conveyor

9x trolleys,
8x control console
5x simulation box
9x power supply unit
5x workpiece set

Control technology:
1x PLC control package
1x emergency stop board
4x emergency stop field
5 x EasyPort

12 user license CIROS® Education
6 user license FluidSIM® P
6 x Mechatronics Assistant
1x WBT Discover MPS® 200
1x WBT LOGO! Training
1x WBT project management

Complete MPS® 210 system with SIMATIC® S7-300 control package
Complete MPS® 210 system with Festo CPX-CEC control package
Complete MPS® 210 system with Mitsubishi MELSEC control package

PLC control packages include:


7x EduTrainer® Universal with SIMATIC® S7-313C-2DP
7x programming cable
1x programming software STEP 7 Trainer Package


7x EduTrainer® Universal with CPX-CEC
7x programming cable
7x programming software Codesys®

Mitsubishi MELSEC

7x EduTrainer® Universal with FX1N
7x programming cable
2x programming software GX IEC Developer FX Trainer Package

Also order:

Hydraulic unit

Simulating stations

CIROS® offers optimum preparation for a hands-on lesson. All the stations can be tested and programmed in simulation. Bugs can even be built into the model to permit an excellent, practical starting point for lessons.

CIROS® facilitates full or step-by-step training of the robot station in simulation. The simulation also offers robot cells featuring other robots such as Kuka and ABB for comprehensive robot training.




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