MPS® 202-Mechatronics – Small but complete with blended learning package, FluidSIM®, Mechatronics Assistant and web-based training programs

MPS® 202-Mechatronics – Small but complete with blended learning package, FluidSIM®, Mechatronics Assistant and web-based training programs

Simple communication
A station can only pass on a workpiece to the next station if it is ready to process it. In the MPS®, this “OK” signal is provided via optical sensors. This makes it very easy to combine stations.

Alternatively enhanced I/O communication
The stations can also be networked via I/Os. We have routed the necessary input and output signals to 4 mm safety sockets to facilitate this communication. The corresponding exercises and worksheets can be found in the Mechatronics Assistant.

Controlling, simulating and programming with EasyPort
No matter which control package you choose the scope of delivery always includes EasyPort, the universal interface for getting started with blended learning.

Then there's FluidSIM®
Simply start FluidSIM and the integrated Soft Logo! takes over control of a station or the entire system. Getting started with programming has never been so easy.

The Stacking magazine module separates workpieces. The Changer module transports the individual workpieces to the sorting conveyor by means of its vacuum gripper. Optical and inductive sensors differentiate the workpieces based on material and color. Pneumatic branching gates then sort the workpieces onto three different slides.

Training aims

  • Mechanical set-up of a station
  • Installation of tubing for pneumatic components
  • Vacuum technology
  • Pneumatic linear and rotary drives
  • Application of simulation tools
  • Correct wiring of electrical components
  • Correct application of limit switches
  • Mode of operation and applications of optical and inductive sensors
  • Logic programming
  • Programming and application of a PLC
  • Structure of a PLC program
  • Programming of alternative branches
  • Programming of an operating mode part
  • Set-up and optimization of material flow
  • Optimization of setting-up times
  • Linking of stations
  • Simple communication
  • Material flow control
  • Enhanced I/O communication
  • Commissioning of complex systems

The MPS® 202-Mechatronics system contains everything you need for training:

Distributing, Sorting

2x trolley,
2x power supply unit,
2x control console,
1x workpiece set,
1x SimuBox

Control technology
1x PLC control package,
1x EasyPort

1x FluidSIM® P,
1x Mechatronics Assistant,
1x Discover MPS® 200 web-based training program,
1x LOGO! Training web-based training program

Complete MPS® 202 system with Simatic S7-300 control package
Complete MPS® 202 system with Festo CPX-CEC control package

PLC control packages include:


2x EduTrainer® Universal with SIMATIC S7-313C-2DP
1x programming cable
1x programming software STEP 7 Professional for Training


2x EduTrainer® Universal with CPX-CEC
1x programming cable
1x programming software CODESYS®

Mechatronics Assistant Professional Training – Successful training with MPS®

With more than 2,000 pages of lesson material on the two stations, the system can be used in lessons straight from the box. Also provided are exercises on modules, stations and all related topics such as circuit diagram creation, PLC programming and a full set of documentation for the trainer.

All the exercises can be modified, extended and archived, making the Mechatronics Assistant the tool for professional training methods.

Getting started with MPS® 202 – a multi-media experience

The Discover MPS® 200 web-based training program takes your trainees on a voyage of discovery – in their own home, in the laboratory or in any other location that suits them.




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