PLC Software (RSLogix Micro, Educational)

The RSLogix Micro software is a tool to design and implement ladder programs for the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix™ family of processors (it cannot be used with SLC 500 controllers). It is a Windows®-based application produced by Rockwell Software that allows PLC programming using a personal computer.The free-form ladder of RSLogix Micro lets students concentrate on the application logic rather than using the proper syntax when editing programs. Several other features of RSLogix Micro greatly facilitate PLC programming, such as a project verifier, drag-and-drop editing, and search-and-replace functions. The PLC can be programmed via either an RS-232 port or an Ethernet port on the PLC processor. This software comes with RSLinx™, which provides connectivity between the PLC and the computer.The software is available with either an educational license (Model 3245-A) or as a commercial license (Model 3245-B).



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