MecLab® – Digital training programs and print media

MecLab® – Digital training programs and print media

Digital training programs

Excellent solutions for ...

  • learning and teaching
  • programming
  • experimentation
  • simulation
  • visualization
  • management
  • play
  • operation and observation

... and more in digital format.

To complement the teaching potential of MecLab®, we recommend the following learning programs:

  • WBT Fascination of technology
  • WBT LOGO! Training
  • WBT Actuators – DC motor
  • WBT Open- and closed-loop control
  • WBT Pneumatics
  • WBT Electropneumatics
  • WBT Electrical engineering 1 and 2
  • WBT Electronics 1 and 2
  • WBT Sensor technology 1 and 2


Theory and practice – tailored to meet your needs, we have a wide range of textbooks and workbooks, dictionaries, sets of overhead transparencies, posters and other work materials.

Our recommendations for MecLab®:

  • Technical book: Fundamentals of automation technology
  • Workbook: Teaching with MecLab®
  • Textbook: Pneumatics, Basic level
  • Textbook: Electropneumatics, Basic level
  • Textbook: Proximity sensors
  • Practical knowledge: Basic pneumatic controllers
  • Set of posters on pneumatics