Electrohydraulics – Basic level – TP 501 America – Supplementary equipment set TP 501 A – TP 601 A

Electrohydraulics – Basic level – TP 501 America – Supplementary equipment set TP 501 A – TP 601 A

The Lab-Volt Hydraulics Electrical Control successor

The Lab-Volt Fluid Power System has been re-engineered and transferred to Festo Didactic’s Training Packages series.

TP 601 America is an extension to TP 501 America and a comprehensive introduction to electrohydraulics.

Equipment set TP 501 America is a prerequisite to use TP 601 America.

The electrical symbols in the courseware and on the modules are drawn according to NEMA standards. The design and simulation software FluidSIM® provides all required NEMA symbols in easy-to-access component libraries. In addition, all circuits in the courseware procedures are available in FluidSIM® for reference.

Next step: our additions – your choice

A variety of possibilities can be added according to your educational needs.

Supplementary equipment sets:

TP 610 – Measurement and control

TP 810 – Diagnostic System for Measurement, Visualization, and Analysis

Mobile Hydraulics Training Packages addressing the needs of future professionals dealing with vehicles e. g. from the construction, mining, and agriculture industries:

TP 801 – Mobile Hydraulics/Working Hydraulics I

TP 802 – Hydrostatic steering system

TP 803 – Working Hydraulics II (Load-Sensing)

Hydraulics energy supply

A variety of hydraulic power packs are available.

For basic hydraulic education workstations, a small hydraulic power pack with a single, constant-displacement pump is recommended. For double-sided workstation arrangements, two power packs are required to power each workplace individually.

For double-sided workstations covering basic and advanced hydraulics, a hydraulic power pack with two constant-displacement pumps and a higher flow rate is recommended. The power pack can be fitted with a wheel set to make it mobile beside the workstation.

The hydraulic power pack combining a load sensing controller and a variable and constant displacement pump is required only for TP 803 – Working Hydraulics II (Load-Sensing) but can be used also for the basics by using the constant pump.

Training aims – TP 601 America

Introduction to Electrohydraulics

  • Familiarization with the Equipment
  • Electrical Concepts
  • Basic Electricity
  • Ladder Diagrams and Logic
  • Operators
  • Basic Electrohydraulic Circuits

Sequence Systems

  • Limit switches
  • Pressure Switches
  • Electrical Counters and Continuous Reciprocation
  • Multi-Pressure Systems
  • Time-Delay Relays

Hydraulic Motors and Industrial Applications

  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Optical proximity sensors
  • Flow Divider Valves
  • Deceleration of Cylinders
  • Industrial Drilling Systems
  • Garbage Compactor Circuit


  • Troubleshooting Electrical Control Circuits
  • Troubleshooting Electrohydraulic Systems


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