Distributing station: Getting started with MPS®

Distributing station: Getting started with MPS®

Illustration includes additional equipment and accessories

The Distributing station separates workpieces. Up to eight workpieces are stored in the magazine tube of the stacking magazine. A double-acting cylinder pushes the workpieces out one at a time. The Changer module grips the separated workpiece via a suction gripper. The swivel arm of the changer, which is driven by a rotary actuator, moves the workpiece to the transfer point of the downstream station.

Special technology: Semi-rotary actuator
The Distributing station utilizes various actuators, all of which are industrial components. The rotary actuator of the swivel arm can be set to various angles between 90° and 270°. The end positions are sensed by means of micro switches. A double-acting linear cylinder pushes workpieces out of the stacking magazine. The end positions are sensed using proximity sensors.

Special grippers: Suction gripper
The suction gripper of the Changer module grips the workpiece. The vacuum is generated in the vacuum slice of the CP valve terminal by means of the Venturi principle and is monitored by a pressure switch. The switching point of the pressure switch is adjustable.

Technical data

  • Operating pressure 600 kPa (6 bar)
  • Power supply 24 V DC
  • 7 digital inputs
  • 5 digital outputs

Training aims for project work


  • Mechanical set-up of a station


  • Installation of tubing for pneumatic components
  • Vacuum technology
  • Pneumatic linear and rotary drives
  • Correct wiring of electrical components


  • Correct application of limit switches
  • Programming and application of a PLC
  • Structure of a PLC program
  • Programming an operating mode section
  • Orderly RESET sequence
  • Programming an EMERGENCY STOP

Recommended training media

  • WBT Discover MPS® 200
  • WBT PLC programming in accordance with IEC 61131
  • WBT Pneumatics
  • Mechatronics Assistant
  • Training document Distributing station
  • Design and simulation program FluidSIM® Pneumatics
  • Virtual process environment CIROS®
  • Textbook Pneumatics, Basic level
  • Textbook Programmable logic controllers, Basic level



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