Mojo® 3D printer

Mojo® 3D printer


From niche application to series production

3D printing, in other words the manufacture of individual components by applying layers of material in any shape, is conquering the world of production.

3D printers used to be expensive and slow and were used only for rapid prototyping. The latest generation of 3D printers, however, is inexpensive and easy to use. They have also become fast enough to produce the first small-series products.

3D printing is ideally suited to a wide range of applications in teaching, including:

  • CAD: With Mojo®, designed parts are printed immediately and without post-processing and used under real conditions.
  • Training factories: Creating new workpieces and adapting means of production are the challenges facing flexible production. The Mojo® 3D printer makes it easy to adapt training factories such as the MPS® Transfer Factory.
  • Bionics: 3D printing is ideal for bringing inspiration from nature to life. Festo Didactic delivers concrete project ideas to familiarise students with the principles of bionics.

The Mojo® 3D printer is based on the principle of Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM), whereby molten polymers are applied in layers to combine two different materials.

The benefits of the Mojo® 3D printer:

  • No adjustment necessary
  • Inclines over 45° can be printed
  • The polymer used creates components that are also suitable for real applications
  • STL input format (recognised by virtually all CAD systems)
  • Supplied software provides a 3D view of the print job
  • Plug and print: Replace print heads simply and without readjustment

Technical data:

  • Model material: P430 ABSplus in ivory, white, blue, fluorescent yellow, black, red, orange, olive green, grey
  • Support material: SR-30 (soluble)
  • Layer thickness: 0.17 mm
  • Workstation compatibility: Windows® 7 and 8
  • Size and weight:
    – 3D printer: 63 x 45 x 53 cm, 27 kg
    – WaveWash 55 cleaning system for removing support material: 33.5 x 33.5 x 33.5 cm, 5 kg
  • Maximum component size: 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm, volume capacity: 3.78 l
  • Power requirements:
    – 3D printer: 100 – 127 V AC, 6 A, 60 Hz or 220 – 240 V AC, 2.5 A, 50 Hz
    – WaveWash 55 cleaning system: 100 – 120 V AC, 7 A, 60 Hz or 220 – 240 V AC, 4 A, 50 Hz
  • Certifications:
    – 3D printer: CE/TÜV/KCC/RoHS/WEEE
    – WaveWash 55 cleaning system: CE/TÜV/RoHS/WEEE
  • No special facility requirements


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