MecLab – The complete package

MecLab – The complete package

The hardware

MecLab is delivered in practical, stackable Systainers, which function as storage units as well as transport packaging. 

MecLab is delivered fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

MecLab is sturdy and fully capable of withstanding the rigors of a school environment.

The individual stations have different functions:

  • The Stacking Magazine station contains a workpiece storage container and a feed separator.
  • The Conveyor station can transport and sort workpieces.
  • The Handling station can grip the workpieces and deposit them at defined points.

The accompanying documents

The complete package includes accompanying documents for download

  • Start-up instructions: detailed step-by-step instructions showing how to connect the stations to the computer and how to write simple programs, with teacher's tips for lesson planning.
  • Theoretical text with the fundamentals of pneumatics, electrical engineering, electrical actuators, sensors and control technology.
  • Book of exercises with 5-7 exercises per station and prepared worksheets in *.doc format with solutions; these can be easily adapted to meet your particular requirements.
  • Prepared PowerPoint presentations with extensive visual materials for use in class
  • Videos
  • Technical data for all components

Control with FluidSIM software

The stations are controlled with FluidSIM software and the EasyPort interface.

FluidSIM is the application for creating and simulating pneumatic and electrical circuits and programmable logic controllers. With its universal PC interface, FluidSIM can control the MecLab stations directly. As a result, students can follow a continuous functional chain from the circuit diagram to simulation to control. The students test their solution in the simulation before testing it at the real station. FluidSIM also offers information about all the components at the click of the mouse as well as a number of informative animations.

3x 8 licenses are supplied which can be used flexibly as a network license, a single-user license or a loaner license with an adjustable expiry date.

The complete package

Contains everything you need for working with MecLab:

  • 1 Stacking Magazine station
  • 1 Conveyor station
  • 1 Handling station
  • 1 compressor 230 V with connector for DE, FR, NO, SE, FI, PT, ES, AT, NL, BE, GR, TR, IT, DK, IR, ID or 1 compressor 120 V with connector for US, CA, Central America, BR, CO, YU, EC, KR
  • 3 x EasyPort to connect the stations to the computer
  • 3 x power supply unit with connector for DE, FR, NO, SE, FI, PT, ES, AT, NL, BE, GR, TR, IT, DK, IR, ID or 3 x power supply unit with connector for US, CA, Central America, BR, CO, YU, EC, KR
  • 3x 8 licenses for FluidSIM MecLab
  • Data for download
  • Workpieces
  • Tools
  • Screw set
  • Systainers
  • Delivery in stable Systainer


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