Mechanical Drives Training System: Metric version

Mechanical Drives Training System: Metric version


Machinery maintenance
Skilled industrial mechanics are in demand worldwide. We rely on them to install, maintain, repair, and ­replace a vast array of mechanical equipment.

Manual skills involving a variety of machine elements are most valued. With this in mind, we have designed a mechanical drives training system that exposes students to the hardware, tools, and methods used by industrial mechanics to keep plants running.

Versatile workstation

A workstation equipped with movable T-slotted extrusions is included and is the foundation of the system. Learners use it to assemble a variety of mechanical drive set-ups. They test them with the included variable frequency drive and prony brake to control the motor speed and load, creating various ­usage scenarios.

Safety you can rely on
Safety is maintained with a detection circuit that cuts power when the polycarbonate cover of the workstation is opened. Learners are asked to perform a lockout/tag out procedure on the main switch to prevent accidental activation of the motor while they are working. The cover can ­also be locked when closed to further improve safety during operation and allow instructors to control access to the components.

Instructors can rely on a ­turnkey learning solution that includes ­suggested experiments to teach the fundamentals every industrial ­mechanic must master. Most topics are combined in packages called “Levels” and include:

  • Belt, chain and gear drives
  • Couplings and shaft alignment methods
  • Bearings and seals
  • Linear slides
  • Gearboxes and clutch-brake units
  • Vibration metering and analysis